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You can reach this menu item under „Settings > Backup“. Please carry out a backup at least once a week in order to access the old data if problems occur.
Also, be sure to keep older backups on your computer in case of doubt.
The backup of the database ends with „.db“ and contains the current date and time (UTC) in the file name.

Email Delivery (iOS + Android)

Simply enter your e-mail address into the e-mail editor that opens to e-mail the database backup you just created. For Android devices, you must first press „Backup“ to create a backup and open the e-mail program.
Sometimes iOS devices may hang and emails do not arrive in your mailbox. To resolve this issue, close the app and open the Apple e-mail app. Receive your e-mails from there. The e-mail with the data backup should now be sent.

Export via iTunes (iOS)

Connect your iPhone / iPad to the computer and start iTunes.
Now you have to find the button with the „iPhone“ or „iPad“ icon in iTunes. The button is usually top left in iTunes. Click on this.
You should now see a bar with entries on the left. Click „Apps“.
Scroll down until you see „File Share“. There are all apps that share data for your computer.
Click the „Time Tracking App“ app.
In the right column >> Documents from „Time Tracking App“ << see all the data that the app releases.
Select multiple files with „Ctrl + Click“ (Windows) or „Cmd + Click“ (Mac). By clicking on „Save As …“, the data is permanently saved on the hard disk of the computer.
To save working hours, employees, projects, tasks, and time models, select the files that end in „.db“. These contain the backup date and time in the filename. Older backups are located in the Backup folder, the database currently used by the app is called „localstore.db“.
To save the PDF reports, select the files that end in „.pdf“ and are in the PDF folder.

Restore (iOS)

If you are experiencing problems with your data, or if you re-install the app or a different device, you must back up the data.
Connect the device to the computer as described in „Exporting from iTunes“.
When reinstalling the app, you will not see any data in the right column on iTunes. If your data is damaged or corrupted, delete the file „localstore.db“ if it exists and only if you have a backup with all important data.
Locate one of the existing backups on your computer. These were the „.db“ files. These „.db“ files have the backup date and time in the filename. This is how to find the desired version.
Rename the desired „.db“ file to „localstore.db“.
By clicking on „Add …“, you can now copy it to the iPhone / iPad.
For security, restart the app completely. To do so, double-click the Home button on your device. You will now see an overview of all active apps. Locate the time tracking app and drag it up from the screen. You can then restart the app and your old data should be there.

Export via the file system (Android)

If you click on „Settings> Data Backup > Backup“, the folder Backup is created on the hard disk of your device. It contains backups of the database. The file name of these backups contains the current date and time (UTC).
The path of the backup folder is: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.eomagis.time/files/Backup.
For example, use the Total Commander app to navigate to this folder. Depending on Android device manufacturers, there are also computer programs with which you can transfer the backups to the computer.
Please also read the notes on „Export via iTunes“ in the section above.

Restore (Android)

Restoring the database for Android devices does not work through iTunes.
Proceed as described in „Restore (iOS)“ to find old backups.
The file name of the backup file must be called „restore.db“.
Place this file under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.eomagis.time/files. Note: If you have reinstalled the app, this path only exists if you click on „Settings > Data Backup> Backup“.
Go in the app to „Settings> Backup Data > Restore Database“. If the „restore.db“ file is in the correct location, the restoration works. The existing database is overwritten by the backup.
Restart the app completely. To do this, click the rectangle-like icon at the bottom of the screen. You will now see an overview of all active apps. Close the time tracking app. You can then restart the app and your old data should be there.