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In the upper left corner, click on the Hamburg icon and then on „Login“.


To log on to a particular person, simply press their name, which is next to the corresponding picture.
In the upper navigation bar of the app you will see which employee is currently logged on.
If you want to add a working time as an administrator for one of your employees, or to view or change the existing working hours of this employee, first log in as an administrator by pressing your name.
Then just press the name of one of your employees. This might look like this.
For example: „Erika Mustermann> Peter Schmitt“
Now the administrator „Erika Mustermann“ can manage working hours on behalf of „Peter Schmitt“.
Attention: The second name, in this case „Peter Schmitt“, is always the employee for whom the working hours are managed. In order to create data for „Erika Mustermann“, you have to click on its name again.


To log out all employees, press the Hamburg icon in the upper left corner and click on „Logout“. You can see that nobody is logged in at the „Login“ heading.