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Simply swipe from right to left in the corresponding line and then press the red „delete“ button. For Android devices, just press and hold the corresponding entry. To change, simply press a name.

Create employee

Press the button at the top right. Then simply complete all required fields in order.
First and last name: First and last name of the employee.
Time model: Using the time model, the program calculates the overtime of an employee.
Local Password: As an administrator, you should set a password so that other employees can not log in under your name, for example, to delete data. If you use the app alone on your iOS or Android device, it is advisable not to assign a password in order to record times faster.
Employees with no administrative rights should also be given a password, so that their entered working hours can not later be viewed by other employees.
Admin: As the very first user, you should define an employee with administrative rights. It is best to be yourself. If the switch is colored, the admin rights are activated.
In contrast to other employees, the administrator has special rights. It can access the „Projects“ and „Settings“ pages. In addition, the administrator can create, view, change, or delete entries from other employees. When deleting, keep in mind that at least one administrator must remain in the app at all times.
An employee with no administration can only access „Login“, „Add“, „Working times“ and „Logout“.
E-mail address: The e-mail address used to create a new Eomagis Account for online synchronization.
Image: Press this button to select a photo from the photo album or directly with the help of the camera. Just make a nice picture of yourself and your employees. It is then displayed in the overview and makes the whole thing more personal.
Save: The „Save“ button is located at the top right. Press it to create the new employee.