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On this page, you can manage various administrative tasks and, among other things, create a backup.
To delete projects, activities, employees, or time models, you must wipe from the right to the left on the corresponding entry. The red „Delete“ button will appear. When you press this, the corresponding entry is deleted. On Android devices, just press and hold the corresponding entry.
To change one of these entries, press the corresponding entry.

Projects Administration

Press the upper right to create new projects.
Enter a project name.
The first and last name of the customer is best suited to the project name. Press „Save“ and the project is created.

Activities Administration

Press the upper right to create a new activity. Enter a meaningful name for this and save it with „Save“ in the upper right corner.

Employee management

You can create as many employees as you like.

Time models management

Press the upper right to create a new time model. Assign a name for the time model and specify the working time for the different weekdays. Press „Save“ to save the model.
A time model created in this way can then be assigned to an employee later. On the basis of the time model, over- or min-hours are calculated.


More information can be found in our backup docs.

Default values

All values you set here are available when you create or edit new time entries on the Add page. The goal here is to enter times faster through personalized presets.
You can specify six start, end, and pause times. When you create a new time stamp, simply press „Start Time“, „End Time“, or Pause, and your preferences will appear.
A minute interval can also be set for iOS devices. This indicates the distance between the minutes in the time selection. Changing this value on Android devices has no effect.
Standard start, end and break times can also be specified. These values are used to pre-populate the Add page.


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