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To synchronize your existing employees, working times, etc. between different devices, follow these step by step instructions.

Warning: The step Sign Up should only be run once per company. If you do this for each of your employees, they are in different accounts and cannot be managed together.

Warning: Make sure your device is always set to the correct current time. This ensures that the synchronization works without problems. The app contains mechanisms to compensate for deviations of the time, but it is better if the time is set correctly.

Sign Up

  • Download the latest app update and then go to „Settings > Eomagis Account“.
  • Choose the boss/person responsible for the staff of your company, or yourself, if you have no employees.
  • Enter your email address and a password of at least eight characters. The password must contain at least one lower- and one uppercase letter as well as a number.
  • Press „Sign Up“.
  • All existing entries, such as employees, working times, etc. will be now synchronized with the server.
  • If you’ve already entered a lot of data into the app, the first synchronization may take some time.
  • You will now receive an email with a confirmation link that you must invoke to permanently activate your account.
  • Whenever you want to upload or download data to the server, go to any page where entries are displayed as a table. Drag the table down until the round activity icon appears and continues to spin by itself. When synchronization is complete, the activity icon disappears automatically.


  • In order for your employees to upload and download data to the server using their own devices, you must enter their email addresses under „Settings > Employees.“
  • If you did not enter any email addresses for your employees during the sign up process, this does not matter at the moment. The system automatically creates a placeholder address However, if your employee wants to sign in with his own device, you must provide his email address.
  • Your employees will then receive an email with a sign in password. In this email, they have to call a link and then they can start recording working times with their own device.

Sign In

  • If you already have sign in details, you can sign in under „Settings > Eomagis Account“ with your email address and password. To do so, press „I already signed up“.
  • You can also enter times with our time tracking web app. (Available 2017)

Conflict Resolution

With this app, you can create and update employees, working times, etc. offline. If you synchronize at a later time, conflicts can occur. The following example explains how the app resolves any conflicts that may occur.

Example: On device A, a time record is updated, but is not yet loaded onto the server. On device B the same entry is also updated and immediately loaded onto the server. If the user of the device A also uploads the entry, the entry on device A is overwritten with the entry from device B.

The general rule is: Changes coming first to the server, are kept.

Password Update

To change the password you chose during the sign up process or the password assigned by the system, follow the instructions on this web page: