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On this page all working hours of an employee are graphically prepared and displayed. You can also modify or delete time records.
You can view the monthly or annual total hours of yourself or your employees. In addition, overtime / missing hours and vacation and illness days are displayed. In addition, there is a calendar view and the possibility of PDF creation.

Time filter

Here you select the time range from which the entries originate. Press the blue bar at the bottom. The time filter opens. Press the upper button to set the start date, or press the lower button to set the end date.

Single view

Here, all entries are displayed in the order in which they were entered. If you wipe on an entry from right to left, the „Delete“ button appears. Press to delete the entry. For Android devices, press and hold the item you want to delete.
To change an entry, press.

Day view

In this view the working times are entered into the calendar by the app and displayed.

Month view

A monthly summary of working hours, overtime, vacation and illness days.

Year view

An annual summary of working hours, overtime, vacation and illness.

PDF creation

Press a month or year.
You will see a PDF preview of your file. When you press the button in the upper right, a selection window appears.
You can send the PDF report as an e-mail or print directly from the printer.
In addition, the PDF is now on the hard disk of your Android or iOS device. You can also access the PDF reports via iTunes (iOS) or the file system (Android). Read the instructions for data backup.